Handle the Curves

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Kaye Bohler’s new CD “Handle the Curves” has legendary Guitarist and Multi-platinum Grammy Award winning producer Pete Anderson.  Kaye’s ten new original tunes has an authentic Stax Memphis Soul sound, with a contemporary twist.  Lee Thornburg of the tonight show band has arranged horn parts in the true Memphis Soul tradition, and Maxine Waters of Quincy Jones fame, lays down stellar background vocals.  The production value alone on this CD is profound, but it is the strength of Kaye Bohler’s song writing that truly impacts the listener. The power of a 30-year career in the music business is evident in Kaye’s interpretations, delivery and golden toned voice. “Handle the Curves” is poised to be Kaye’s best release to date.


Genre: Stax Memphis Soul sound, with a contemporary twist

Release Date: 2014

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